The Younger Crowd

A lot of times when people go to ball parks they are solely immersed in the game, as they should be, prying their eyes away only to see how close the next vendor is or to glance at their phones. Often times they look in the general direction of a child that someone is fussing … More The Younger Crowd

Baseball, a Little Bit of History, and Gary Mason

Let me tell you, there’s something to be said about the distinctive way Hunter Pence stands. I don’t know what it is, but there’s definitely something to be said. And speaking of Hunter Pence, I was pretty disappointed that Andrew McCutchen didn’t play because it seemed like every other outfielder did, but still, it was … More Baseball, a Little Bit of History, and Gary Mason

The First of Many

I got to go to my very first spring training game ever. The Padres were taking on the A’s in Mesa; I figured it would be best if I eased myself into it slowly by picking a game with two mediocre teams. Although, next to the Athletics, the Padres didn’t look too bad. Actually, there … More The First of Many