The Younger Crowd

A lot of times when people go to ball parks they are solely immersed in the game, as they should be, prying their eyes away only to see how close the next vendor is or to glance at their phones. Often times they look in the general direction of a child that someone is fussing over because of how cute they are, but it lasts a whole two seconds and their attention is returned rightfully to the game. But have you ever really payed attention to those children?

Mostly there are the ones that are normal children – they have no attention span whatsoever and have taken to doing whatever they can just to keep themselves entertained. This is just one category that can be broken down into many different classes. First, you’ve got the ones who make friends with other children at the game and soon you’ve got an entire posse of 6-and 7-year-olds running around and playing that game where anything they touch automatically becomes a base.

Then you’ve got the insanely creative ones. These are the ones who have found a way to wrap their sister in a blanket so she could be more easily dragged down the hill. You’ve also got the ones that are just completely bored out of their minds and so they take an interest in the closest thing to them.

Girl and tree

This class is rather quite extensive. There are some that don’t have a brother or sister to drag them so they’re left to roll down the hill on their own, over and over and over. Then there are the ones that eat just because they’re bored. These ones are the easiest to spot as they usually have half-eaten bags of popcorn and cotton candy sitting near them while they’re eating a snow cone. You can also always identify this class of child by the amount of times their parent/guardian leaves to find more food. Some kids are so bored that they just get up and wander away and yet they still look cute while doing it.

cute little girl

Some sit in circles and have their own little therapy session while two kids tackle each other and end up locked in an endless battle on the grass nearby. Some only pay attention when there’s a break between innings and a possibility they’ll get to catch a ball from one of the outfielders. You’ve also got the ones that have no clue what’s going on and they only clap because everyone else does, and because clapping is a step up from pulling all the grass out from one little area.

You’ve also got the really little ones with pacifiers that look like baseballs and onesies with their team colors – the ones that are fans but don’t even know yet. And then there are the ones who brought their little league baseball gloves but they don’t know why – in the end, they really just make for good projectiles.

And finally, you’ve got the class of children who are so in love with the game that from the way they’re dressed you would think they should be out on the field playing too. They can sit still for an entire game and never say a word. They never ask for chicken fingers or a batting helmet sundae, they won’t get up and run away, and they always know which batter is up next. They know who the best players are and what makes them so good. They even get a little anxious when the other team has the bases loaded with just one out. They’re not like the other children. Yes, they’re special. In a way, they’re not children at all.

little boy

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